Our Arrow Rentals promise a high-quality job every time.

At Arrow Lift Rentals, we have over 400 pieces of rental equipment for clients that you require for your next project. We work with leading equipment manufacturers, including JLG, and many more. Here, we offer you a huge selection of aerial work platform rentals, including scissor lifts rentals, boom lift rentals, and telehandler rental.

Here, we serve all clients in commercial construction with high-quality construction equipment rental services. We know that you rely on us to get your job done right the first time. Thus, we constantly invest in maintaining our rental fleet at premier condition. We have experienced, trained, and certified technicians to service and maintain our rental equipment to the highest standards in our own workshops or on the job-site. We strive to update our inventory with new equipment to offer clients the latest industry developments for premium operations. Furthermore, if a machine goes wrong, we guarantee a 2 hour turn-around time, sending our trained technicians to the site to have it functional within or replace it to minimize the customer’s downtime.

We have the aerial equipment to fit your project needs.

Please choose from our rental inventory today to get your needs fulfilled! We always find a solution for you to work at height.

01. Aerial Work Platform.

Here, we provide clients with aerial work platform rental services with an aerial fleet comprising boom lift rentals for straight reach tasks, scissor lift rentals for indoor or outdoor applications, and telehandler rentals from top-tier equipment manufacturers.

Gas, diesel, electric, or propane, our aerial work platforms perform difficult outdoor jobs and indoor environments with clean functioning. We’re for all commercial general contractors and construction general contractors specializing in high reach equipment, allowing people or materials’ safe lifting to work at height.

02. Scissor Lifts.

We acquire a wide range of scissor lift rentals suitable for your commercial construction needs. At Arrow Lift Rentals, you’ll easily find scissor lift solutions with first-rate maneuverability for all kinds of spaces requiring elevated work platforms.

Please choose from our inventory of scissor lifts perfect for rough or uneven terrain, as well as indoor application.

03. Boom Lifts.

Our boom lifts rental equipment has two designs: Telescopic (Straight) booms and Articulating (Knuckle) booms.

Telescopic booms are with telescopically extended sections. They offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform, allowing them to serve in areas with limitations in accessibility.

Articulating boom lifts are versatile and work well in inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas. They offer several sections that “articulate,” enabling the user to work in areas blocked by obstacles or barriers.

04. Telehandler.

Telescopic aerial work platforms are most commonly called telehandlers. A kind of powered industrial truck, telehandler features a single telescopic or articulating boom that can be extended forward or upward with various attachments added to the end of the boom to complete particular tasks. This equipment performs a mixture of functions similar to a telescopic boom lift and forklift.